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I am a very patient instructor and I understand that my pupils are all individuals who learn at different rates, and in different ways. I will tailor your instruction to best suit you, and your needs. Perhaps you have been unfortunate to have been shouted at by a previous instructor. Be assured I have never done this, or felt the need to do so. After all you want to learn to drive, and it's my job to help achieve your goal, whether you’re seventeen or seventy.  
I look to fully engage you in our lessons. We will discuss each lesson and have a plan of action, which you will be key in helping to develop. Feedback in our lessons will be a two way task. This will help me ensure that I give you what you need to progress. You will receive feedback from me in a constructive and positive way, helping to to consolidate your learning, and enhance your skills and understanding. We will work together on thoughts and feelings of you as a driver. This will help you to control your behaviour when driving, and lead to a better level of confidence to drive alone once you have passed your test. 
I am a RoSPA Advanced Driver (Gold award), and believe in passing on as much knowledge as I can to make you a safer driver on the roads, for today and the future. 
The car I use is the Ford Fiesta 1.0 Ecoboost, with a manual gearbox. This vehicle is changed every year to ensure mechanical reliability, and that the cars are technically current. The Ford Fiesta is a magnificent vehicle, and although the engine is a 1.0 litre it has a fantastic performance capability and certainly is an exciting car to drive. 

 INTRODUCTORY SPECIAL OFFER available to novice drivers.  5 hours for £120   

1 hour - £30* 
2 hr £59* 
5 hours - £145* 
10 hours - £280* 
* Paid in advance 





DIA Code of Conduct 
All DIA members listed in Find a Driving Instructor have agreed to abide by the following code: 
I will not mislead the public over services provided by the school. This applies in particular to instructors’ qualifications and the likely cost of lessons which will be necessary to reach the standard required by the Driving Standards Agency’s driving test. 
I will ensure that clients are fully aware of their terms of business. 
I will avoid improper language, suggestions or physical contact with clients. 
I will take all reasonable care, using skill and diligence, in instructing clients in all relevant aspects of traffic and driver education. 
I will not discuss with others matters that a pupil has disclosed during a lesson. This does not apply to business matters which concern a driving school or, where the lessons are being paid for by another person or company, information relevant to that person or company. In this case, while the third party has the right to this information, it will only be given with the client’s knowledge. 
I will maintain proper standards of personal hygiene and dress. 
I will ensure that any vehicle driven or used for training is maintained in good mechanical order and condition; is properly insured and taxed and, where appropriate, certified as roadworthy; and that all reasonable care is taken to keep it clean and tidy. 
I will ensure that tuition is carried out only within the terms of the law, with particular reference to driver licensing and provision of a professional service. 
I will continue my professional development to the best of my ability. 
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