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Our Driving lessons are tailored specifically to the students level of ability. I offer a range of  
driving lessons, including introductory lessons, pre-test & practice lessons, motorway lessons. 
Pass Plus courses are available on request. 

INTRODUCTORY SPECIAL OFFER available to novice drivers.  Currently not available 

1 hr - £42* 
1 1/2 hr £63* 
2 hr £83* 
5 hrs - £205* 
10 hours - £400* 
* All lessons paid in advance 
What to expect at your first driving lesson 
After initial introductions, we will drive to a quiet road out of the way of any difficult junctions or heavy traffic where we swap seats. At the start of the lesson we will go some basic safety checks you need to do before starting the engine. These include adjusting the mirrors, putting on the seat belt and making sure that the gear lever is in neutral. I'll then talk you through all the major controls and describe how each different element fits together to give good co-ordination whilst moving off and stopping. 
Driving off for the first time can be a bit tricky the first time so I'll give you plenty of encouragement and support, and we'll pull away without too much of a problem. The rest of the lesson will be spent practicing moving off and driving along and if time permits starting to go through the other gears, and gaining a basic understanding of priority at junctions. Once we get back home we'll have a brief recap over the lesson and arrange our next appointment. 
Preparing for your driving test 
I offer specific lessons for drivers to ensure that you are fully prepared for your driving test and the lessons are tailored specifically to those particular areas where more practice is needed. 
It is useful to pre-book the required number of lessons to ensure availability and at the same time make a saving on one of our block booking course. 
Motorway Lessons 
Driving on a motorway for the first time can be a daunting prospect, three lanes, lorries, lots of overtaking, unfamiliar signs and people going very fast. All in all it can be quite tricky, so getting the proper instruction is all the more important. My motorway lessons will cover the above problems and more, the emphasis always on keeping safe and maintaining good awareness of those around you. There is no set number of lessons but I have found that one or two goes is usually enough. Motorway lessons are normally two hours long. 
Pass Plus Course 
This is designed for people who have just passed their test. The course is a minimum of six hours long and at the end of it you receive a certificate which could entitle you to a substantial discount off your insurance. 
No new test is needed as I assess it as we go and the fee is £160 for 6 hours and £30 per hour if extra tuition is required. 
Refresher Course 
We can target a specific area where you are personally not confident to improve your understanding. 
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